at borobudur temple

On Tuesday, at 25th of December coincides with marry Christmas day, I went to Borobudur temple with my friends to look the scenery. There was very crowded, because many people from another country came to visit Borobudur temple. I looked some people did the worship, and most of people came there to spend their holiday with their families, friends or boyfriend.SAM_1492

It was very difficult to get the top of temple. When we arrived at the top, we met foreign people. First time, we weren’t afraid to speak with him, but he looked like a friendly person. Then we started to speak with him. We had a little conversation with him. His name is Alex. He came from Austria. He had arrived to Indonesia for two days before and he would go back on Friday after he finished his job in Jakarta. He came to Indonesia to do his business. He had a business in Jakarta but before it, he wanted to spend his day to get refreshing in Yogyakarta first. And then he would continue his trip to Jakarta. He took by his driver to visit Borobudur temple.
He came to Indonesia with his friend. But when he walked around the temple, he was alone because his friend was sick. He stayed in hotel to get rest. So he couldn’t follow Alex to walk around Borobudur temple. He told us that he was very interested with Indonesia, even the culture, the people and the original food. He ever tasted Indonesian’s local food. On his opinion, Borobudur temple was very beautiful. He had known around Borobudur temple, because it has organized or explained from his hotel. He didn’t need a guide because he was very confident with his self.
We asked him, did he ever visit Bali Island? He never visited Bali but he ever heard a little story about Bali Island. When he came to Indonesia, he just had visited Yogyakarta and Jakarta because he didn’t have much time. But he was very interesting with Indonesia, he said that Indonesian people are very friendly and had many unique things. The next day, he would visit Prambanan temple.
He told us the weather between Indonesia and his country. It was very different. In Austria is very cold and very different with Indonesia, because Indonesia is very hot. He said, if he would have arrived at Austria, he would visit or come back again to Indonesia. He got some problems in Indonesia. First, if he wanted to buy something and the seller couldn’t speak English.
But he can solve that problem with talking by body language, and spoke with easy word. So the seller can understand him. Then, about the taxi. Because sometime they try to cheat him. I think made a little conversation with him was very happy. Before he leaved us, we asked him to take a picture together with him. It was our unforgettable experience. We met a friendly foreign people. We came back at 3 o’clock. This holiday was very happy but it also was very tired day.


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