Cause and Effect Essay

Causes and effects of cheating


Cheating refers to an immoral way of achieving a goal. It’s usually happened in a test or examination, and used for breaking the rules. Cheating is also dishonest way to get the goal. The students think that cheating is simple way to on test, but they don’t think about the effect of cheating. Every student wants to get the great or good value on exam. Cheating has many different ways or different types. As a result, there are three reasons why the students cheat on test? However, cheating on test is dishonest way and has many bad effects.

On the other hands, there are many different type of cheating. First is bringing some papers when the exam is held. They have prepared the paper that consists with some key answer or some theories from the book. Second, copy the answer from other students. Open a book or note, ask to other friends directly with whispering and swap the answer. Those are the types of cheating that always do by the students.

There are many reasons why do the students cheat on test. The first cause of cheating is the students are lazy to study. Sometimes, the students are lazy to study because they don’t understand about the lessons that have learnt from their teachers.  Second reason is the students don’t have any preparations before the test. May be they has many activities that prevent them to study, but many students don’t like to study although the exam will be held as soon as possible. The third is lack of confident and lack of efforts. This reason is not also doing by the lazy students but also the diligent students. They are not confident with their answer. They always think that their answer is wrong. They want to get the best score, but they don’t do it by their selves. Fourth reason is the students forget about the test and want to keep their grade up.

Cheating has many bad effects for the students. First effect of cheating is that makes the students to lose their responsibility for their own works. Students who are copying other people’s works feel that they don’t need to do anything to pass their examination. All they need is just turn in the paper to their teachers and get the passing grade. Losing one’s responsibility could create a lot of problems for individuals. Losing creativity is another main effect of cheating. It’s the second reason. Students who are cheating don’t put any effort to their works at all which will lead them to gradually lose their creativity level every time they copy other’s work or have someone to do their works instead themselves. The ability to think creativity and successfully plays an important role for the world in the future. The third reason is the students become a lazy people in the future. Their life will be depending on other people. They can’t live without her friends. The direct effect also can happen for the students. It will happen if your teacher looked at you when you opened the paper, or asking the answer to other friends. Maybe you will be dropped out from the school.

In conclusion, cheating is bad behavior and dishonest job. You lie for yourself and your teacher and also your parents. You get the good or great score but it doesn’t your real and actual ability.  You should do something to get rid out of cheating at school in order to gain more creativity people in the future for the benefits of both people and the world since students are the ones who are partly held the world in the future. Be honest in your job!


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