Essay of Compare and Contrast

blackberryLaptop is something that we can use to listen to the music, save some documents and do other activities. The other favorite thing is hand phone. I also need my phone wherever and whenever I go. They are very important for me. Hand phone and laptop are very different but also similar in some ways, such as the price, memories.


First of all, laptop is more expensive than hand phone because laptop has many bigger space of memory than hand phone. Sometimes hand phone can be expensive, but it depends to the phone. If the phone is the touch screen, it can be more expensive than the manual phone. Laptop is bigger than hand phone, so laptop is heavier than hand phone, and laptop is difficult to bring.

Furthermore, in functions laptop has more benefits than hand phone, for example in the usage, laptop can save many documents, files, pictures, etc. We can also use laptop to watch some movies and some videos, because laptop can save big memory. On the other hand, hand phone can’t save big space of memory, such as movie. To save the movie we need big memory, so it’s impossible to save the movie. Hand phone can save some videos but not as many as saving the video in laptop.

Than in kinds, hand phone has more different kinds than laptop. I just know some kinds of laptop, they are: ACER, ACIO, APPLE, HP, MSI etc. Kinds of hand phone are NOKIA, SONY ERICSON, SAMSUNG, APPLE, MITO, CROSS, NEXIAN etc. Different kinds can be different prices and different functions.

Laptop and hand phone have many similar things. Laptop and hand phone are electronic gadget. In the usage, laptop and hand phone can search some information from the internet, and can also make a calling with another people that is far from us. They also have many accessories that can be used.

In summary, laptop and hand phone has many differences but they also have many similarities in some ways such as I explained before. Although they have many differences I always enjoy using these things. I can’t live without my lovely things (laptop and hand phone). I love


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