How to make a good paper


Paper is writing a formal nature, regarding one subject with the intent to be presented in public in a trial. We need some steps to make a good paper. They are making paper cover, foreword, and table of contest, opening,and the contents of a paper, conclusion, suggestion, attachment, and bibliography.

First step is writing the paper cover. In cover, usually we fill it with the title of paper, the lecturer’s name who teaches that lesson, University logo, with the name and his student number or sometimes the writer  do it in a group. So he must write down his group’s name.

Second step is writing the foreword. Foreword consists with thankfulness the writer, because they still can write the paper. Some forewords also explain the problems and the purpose of the paper that they will explain. What day and date they write the paper. And also where they write it?

Third step is writing the table of contest. The writer lists all the title and page in the table contest regularity. Written from the first page until the ending of the paper. And it’s written per chapter.

Forth step is making the opening. In opening we explain the background, problems and purpose of the discussing. Background explains about, what is the background of the discussing and telling about our discussing with simple words. And then, problems explain about, what kinds of problems that always happened according to discussing. And the purpose explains about, what is the purpose of making the paper with that title. Every paper must have opening, so that the paper is clear.

Fifth step is the contents of a paper. Contest of paper explains about the definition of the title, and all explanation related with the title. Maybe, why forbidden for us, what is the proposition, according to our religion do that must we do or forbidden to do, etc. It’s consists with discussion. References/resources related to research in the paper. And a case study.

Sixth step is the conclusion of a paper. The conclusion, explains or repeating the discussing before. Conclusion forbids writing the new idea. Conclusion just repeats the discussing or points of the paper in different words.

Seventh step is writing the suggestion. The writer gives a little suggestion that related with his paper.

Eighth step is bibliography. Bibliography contains the resources, where do you get the discussing from? Maybe, you get it from the book or internet, so you must write it down on your paper.

The last step is attachment. Attachment fills with some supporting files that have been discussing. Usually it contains with tables, graphs, flowchart, or schema picture.

In conclusion, making a good paper isn’t very difficult. We need nine steps to do it. You can finish your paper in a day and completely. It’s all the steps how to make a good essay.


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