my best friend

When I was senior high school I have many best friends but now I have two bestfriends. Before it, I will share you about how can we meet and our first meeting one each other. My friend’s name are Suriyana and Riza Indriyastanti. Suriyana’s nickname is ana, and Riza Indriyastanti’s nickname is Riza. Before MATAF held, I just know Riza because when our first meeting with another students in front of sportorium, we introduce our selves to another people, and Ana didn’t follow this meeting. So, I didn’t know her. and the next day, after we had prepared our equipments for MATAF, we must know what group were we? Because we had many groups, so before MATAF we must know our own group.SAM_0510

This group used city’s name such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Medan etc,. We can look it in internet. Riza asked me to look for her name, and after I got it I text’s also the way, how can I know her. I always become one group with Riza. and I know ana from riza. If we want to go to campus, I and Riza always walk together it because our boarding house is same way and Ana wait for Riza. At that time, I haven’t know Ana, because she always wait for Riza, not long I can know ana as quick as possible. It’s the step how can we meet ^_^

Ana comes from Aceh, it’s very far from Yogyakarta. It’s same with me, I also come from a far city from Yogyakarta that is Medan. But Riza comes from near city with Yogyakarta, that’s wonosobo. I know them well, so I want to share about us here. I and Ana are the second child of our parents and Riza is the fourth child. We have different hobby. My hobby is listening to the music, Ana’s hobby is writing, and Riza’s hobby is watching Korean drama. Although we have different hobbies, we never mock our each hobbies.

They have some funnies, Ana can’t study without eating before studying, his favorite food is meatball and Riza doesn’t like drinking mineral water. She likes to drink the water that has a taste like teh pucuk etc, teh pucuk is her favorite drinking. They are my funny and cute friends. They are also humorist friends, when I felt sad they can entertain me, when I have a problem they help how to solve that problem. We are always together wherever we go. I always come to ana’s boarding house or Riza’s boarding house. Ana and Riza also always come to my boarding house. I have considered them as my family. there are some some pictures of us. you can see it,,,,,,,,

SAM_0518 SAM_0522


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