Narrative text

Narrative text

Xiu-xiu dan sie-sie

A long time ago, lived a couple of family. Their job was being the farmer in their village. They had one child, her name is sie-sie. Sie-sie didn’t have a daughter and brother. She was the only one of her parent’s child.

When she sat in elementary school, her father passed away. She was very sad, because when her father still life, he always advised sie-sie. Sie-sie was kind and smart girl. She lived with her mother. She helped her mother if she didn’t have any job or home work from her teacher. She never felt tired to help her mother. She never wasted her time for joking or playing with her friends. At night she repeated and memorized her lesson. Her mother was very proud of her. She always got the first ranking in her class until she graduated from elementary school.

She continued her studying to the boarding house. All of her teachers were very proud of her. She was very clever. If there was a contest, she attended the contest and reached the first winner. She had many friends. Her friends took care of here. If she had a problem, her friends helped her to analyze it. She also had a best friend, his name is xiu-xiu. Xiu-xiu was her best friend since the first class of junior high school until senior high school. Xiu-xiu took good care of her. Xiu-xiu fall in love of sie-sie, but sie-sie didn’t know that. Xiu-xiu was rich and kind boy. He loved sie-sie stealthy. He didn’t like if sie-sie known that he loved sie-sie, because sie-sie had been considering him as her brother.

One day, sie-sie called by her headmaster of her school. There was a message from her neighbor that her mother was sick and must be truckled in the hospital. Sie-sie didn’t have money to spend the hospital cost. Xiu-xiu said to her “don’t worry! As your friend, I will help you as long I can do it”. Sie-sie said thanks to xiu-xiu. Oh god, I still had found the best friend like him. Although I couldn’t reply your kindness, may Allah reply your kindness. With happiness sie-sie showed her soft smile. And then sie-sie permitted to xiu-xiu and her headmaster. After finishing the class sie-sie went home. With her headmaster consent, sie-sie went home with xiu-xiu.

 Arrived at hospital, her mother was smile to them. Her mother said, “I was very happy to look you (xiu-xiu and sie-sie). I hoped it would be forever. Xiu-xiu kept sie-sie’s mother as his mother. When sie-sie’s mother got up from her sleeping, she said to xiu-xiu “if someday later I passed away, I hoped you to keep sie-sie as well as possible. She didn’t have family around her. Not long after she said that, she exhaled her last breath. Sie-sie leaved alone without parents and family. Xiu-xiu also felt sad with sie-sie’s mother passing away. Every time she prayed to God, may Allah accepted her parents inside God, and entered them to heaven.

Ten years later, both of them had been success. They had the good job. Sie-sie became a professional lecturer, and xiu-xiu became businessman. Then xiu-xiu proposed caca to be his wife and sie-sie accepted him. They lived happily.


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