My canteen


Canteen is a place that can be used to eat, even the foods are taken on its own or they brought it by their selves. Mostly canteen located in the schools and used by students. Crowded canteen is caused by chatter of student who eats there. Some students consider that the canteen is very important for them. Now, I want to explain about the visitors, facilities, and foods and drinks.
Most of visitors are the students, if the canteen located in a school. Most of student of a college went to their university without eating. Of course, they feel hungry and then they will go to the canteen. But sometimes the teachers also visit the canteen to have breakfast or lunch or dinner. In another canteen some of families also visit the canteen to eat. They eat together to get and enjoy a good situation. Adults more than family visit the canteen, because sometime a couple of adults visit the canteen to chat one each other. The visitors are very important for a canteen, because without visitors the canteen is nothing.images (1) images (2)
The facilities of a canteen are always being number one for every visitor. The facilities must be clean and tidy. A canteen should have perfect facilities so they feel comfortable. Whatever if they get good service from the seller. If the seller is very kind, the visitor will always come to buy her foods. Canteen is a simple place but it has many utilities. It would be more enjoy if the canteen has a park near with the canteen.
The foods and drink are also very important in a canteen. Because without them, what foods and drink do the visitor want to buy or eat? An own of a canteen should sell various foods and drinks, because everyone doesn’t have a same choice. But the most important is hygienist food and drink. Everyone doesn’t like the dirty and rancid foods. It would be better if the foods are delicious, yummy and nice.
The important one is the price. Everyone wants that the price must be cheap although the food is very delicious and yummy. Whatever for the student of a college, if they live in boarding house they want to be economical students. So they look for a cheap food but hygienist and delicious. But most of the delicious food and drink are very expensive. And we need the affordable price when we want to eat.
In summary, canteen is a place used to eat and chat. Canteen is very important for hungry people, because with canteen they can eat enjoy while chatting with another people or friends.


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