My experience in english learning

My name is Mardiana harahap, and my nick name is Diana. Diana is my favorite name because my family always call me Diana. I come from medan, but my house still so far from Medan. If we drive a bus, start from Medan, we will arrive at my house about 12 hours. Of course, my village is so far from yogyakarta. My village’s name is sigagan.

             I have many hobbies . one of them is listening to music. I’m interested on reading a motivation book. So, my favorite think is book. I choose UMY because I was not received in UNY. Ii have followed the examanation twice. But, I was fail. UMY is my last choice, but I want to study hard. I hope my dream to be a lecturer of english becomes true, that’s my ambition. And also I want to be a succesfull woman in this word. Also can make my parents  happy.


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